Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Grizzly Progress and still more rain ...

I couldn't resist adding a few more rain photos from last week.  I love this photo - normally this is just a little hill and fence post boundary, with all the rainwater it looks like an exotic waterfall you have to walk through a National Park to see :)  Of course, it was gone as soon as the rain stopped !

This is Angus knee boarding on the front lawn, not as sunny as the beach but no sand getting up your shorts either :)

On my work bench this week (also known as the bed.... I have to sit crosslegged on the bed to do most of my sewing) is Grizz who will be coming with me to the Lawnton Show - AKA the Northside Doll and Bear Show on the 19th of February.
He is coming along - his eyes are not set yet and his back seams still need closing but at least he is looking like a bear now not a pile of disarticulated limbs *grins*

For some reason this photo keeps loading sideways ....grrrr , it has a mind of it's own. I will have to work that out and try again later. 

I had a marathon cutting out session last night and this morning at 3am I worked out my theme for the Teddys Tea Party .... I am dying to tell someone and show my bears that I have in various stages of assembly.  

I've only just started blogging and now I want to show everybody everything !! 

As a final thing, and because I desperately want to post another photo that isn't sideways :) here is another bear coming to Lawnton with me..... 

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