Saturday, 30 June 2012

Friends of Teddy Preview now open....

Lookie...2 posts in 10 minutes LOL.

The Friends of Teddy Show Preview has now started. There are heaps of GORGEOUS animals there waiting to be seen.

While you are there, you can vote on your favourite minature and your favourite full sized bear ( one vote per category)

Just  Click Here  and  have a look.  To vote just click on the name of the artist you wish to vote for and then confirm... voting is easy, choosing who to vote for is hard :0)

My preview animal is Honey Bee

I hope you enjoy looking at all the lovely preview animals and don't forget to visit on the 13th - 15th of July to see the whole show :0)

Now, I am going back to sewing as I have eight other animals to finish.....

Winter Wonderland bears and Beenies....

Hi again :) 

As I posted a couple of weeks ago, the 15th and 16th was the Winter Wonderland Bear and Doll Show in Brisbane.

I went along with a trading table and a heap of bright and colourful bears and Mum and we spent a lovely weekend talking to lots of people (and knitting). 

There were lots of gorgeous bears there from lots of different artists and I was very happy to see some of my bears go to new homes :)

Both Mum and I took some knitting with us for those moments when there was a break in chatting to people and we both got a bit done. Mum is a super quick knitter while I am a bit of a slow "L Plate" style knitter lol so while she knitted miles, I knitted 18 rows of K1 P1 rib for the start of a beenie.  I finished the beenie on the Monday after the show and I am super proud of it :)

I am also very happy to say that my open mouth bear in a tutu won Best Professional Bear in the Bear Competition :)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Winter Wonderland Tomorrow....

Well, ready or not Winter Wonderland Bear and Doll Show starts tomorrow :0)

The bears and I are packed, my practise table set up has been done and I am leaving for Brisbane in about an hour.

If I have forgotten anything or anyone it is too late now :)

I realised on Tuesday afternoon that I did not have a green bear to take with me..... so of course on Wednesday I decided I couldn't go without one and quickly dyed some gorgeous white mohair green.

After 2 days sewing and ignoring the housework (no housework fairies here sadly) I have a green bear to take with me :0) 
In person she is quite.... bright !! 
I also have lots of dust.....

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to wrestle  get out my light tent and take proper photos as I was busy sewing but I snapped some quick pics as I was doing my practise table layout this afternoon.

Alpaca Panda with open mouth


I also have some more pink, red, lavender and orange bears as well as some brown ones :0)

I will try to come home with lots of photos from the show..... can't wait to see everything !!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Here I am again as promised yesterday :) 

I have been looking at the photos I took and I don't think any of them are very good !!   It has been a dark miserable rainy day here today and all my preview photos are either way too dark or way too light.... so I think I will try again tomorrow.

Normally I use a light tent and daylight bulbs to take photos, but I had to pack everything up last week as our oldest son Dan came home from Uni and needed his room back lol.   After wrestling the light tent back into its' tiny little bag ( would it kill them to give us a bigger bag !), I was a bit reluctant to set it free again.

Unfortunately, the photos were not good so this time I will do it properly and get out the light tent and the lights :) 

Here is one photo anyway and I'll be back tomorrow .....

Monday, 11 June 2012

1.30am .....

Hi :)
Once again, I am apologising for not posting sooner but I am back again :)

It is 1.30am on Monday morning here as I write this and I am finally finished sewing and stuffing etc for  the Winter Wonderland Bear show that is on in Brisbane next week *Yay me*  I have a little bit of accessorising to do for a few bears but I am mostly done :) 

I am the Queen of "the last minute"  and I am usually still sewing the night before the show but here it is the week before and I am on the home stretch  - how grown up I feel *grins*

This weekend I was in a hurry to get my competition bear finished so she could be posted off on Monday morning (today, technically LOL)  but a few hours ago I realised that it is a Long weekend for the Queens Birthday so no posting out first thing for me :( 

 I will have to send her via Express on Tuesday morning and hope the PO is working at top speed to get her there for Wednesday. I was feeling so organised too .....

I will be posting some preview pictures later today, after the rest of the night asleep :)

See you in a couple of hours.....