Saturday, 30 June 2012

Friends of Teddy Preview now open....

Lookie...2 posts in 10 minutes LOL.

The Friends of Teddy Show Preview has now started. There are heaps of GORGEOUS animals there waiting to be seen.

While you are there, you can vote on your favourite minature and your favourite full sized bear ( one vote per category)

Just  Click Here  and  have a look.  To vote just click on the name of the artist you wish to vote for and then confirm... voting is easy, choosing who to vote for is hard :0)

My preview animal is Honey Bee

I hope you enjoy looking at all the lovely preview animals and don't forget to visit on the 13th - 15th of July to see the whole show :0)

Now, I am going back to sewing as I have eight other animals to finish.....

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