Friday, 15 June 2012

Winter Wonderland Tomorrow....

Well, ready or not Winter Wonderland Bear and Doll Show starts tomorrow :0)

The bears and I are packed, my practise table set up has been done and I am leaving for Brisbane in about an hour.

If I have forgotten anything or anyone it is too late now :)

I realised on Tuesday afternoon that I did not have a green bear to take with me..... so of course on Wednesday I decided I couldn't go without one and quickly dyed some gorgeous white mohair green.

After 2 days sewing and ignoring the housework (no housework fairies here sadly) I have a green bear to take with me :0) 
In person she is quite.... bright !! 
I also have lots of dust.....

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to wrestle  get out my light tent and take proper photos as I was busy sewing but I snapped some quick pics as I was doing my practise table layout this afternoon.

Alpaca Panda with open mouth


I also have some more pink, red, lavender and orange bears as well as some brown ones :0)

I will try to come home with lots of photos from the show..... can't wait to see everything !!

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  1. so sweet bears, im happy to see there

    love greats from sylvia