Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tea party .....

Hi again..... look 3 posts in a couple of days :)

The Teddy Bears tea Party at  has been going really well with lots of bears from lots of artists finding new homes. It still has another 15 or so hours to run and there are still some cute ones left :)
I still have a few available  too, including Peppermint

Orange Pekoe

and Matilda

Don't forget that there is a booklet of everybodies  favourite Tea Time Treats to download after the show has ended.

I put my receipe for Creamy Peppermints in, which I remember Mum making. Whenever I have taken them anywhere, there are never any left to bring home :)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Open Now ....

It's On Now

The Teddy Bears Tea Party is open now and there are a huge amount of bears to choose from.  Just click on my side bar link or any of the links in previous posts and you will be able to have a look :)

Some of my bears included are  Rosehip

Earl Grey


and Honey Lemon

There are 6 others of mine as well as the other 89 artists lovely assortments of bears.

Also, a lot of the artists have provided a receipe for their favourite tea time treat ~ they are visible now at the bottom of each artists page and will also be available for FREE download as a recipe book after the show is over so don't forget to check back and download your copy :)

Hope to see you at the show !!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Teddies Worldwide Tea Party...

Well, for us here in Australia there is only one more sleep until the Teddies World wide Tea Party opens and all the bears are able to be seen.

I'm really looking forward to seeing all the bears and seeing the other artists interpretations of the tea party theme.
My show page is all done, with ten bears waiting for the opening :) 

Click here to attend the Tea Party  

The show starts at 7am Saturday morning NSW  time.

On a sad note, this week we had to have our lovely mastiff X "Crash"  (named after the Crash bandicoot game) put to sleep. He was a totally gorgeous, very happy  big lump of a dog and we all miss him.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tea Party Preview On Now ....

The Teddy Bears tea Party Preview is now live.

This is a sneak peak of some of the bears that will be available on the weekend of the 23rd - 25th of March. There are lots of bears from lots of talented artists to choose from.

Click here to be taken to the preview page

To vote just click on the name of the artist whos bear you fancy and then confirm on the pop up. One vote in the Minature section, one vote in the full size section.

My entry is Rosehip.

She is made of a long mohair with felted face and toes and a felted/sealed nose. She has leather lids and eyelashes. She is wearing a garland of roses and a handmade tulle tutu in white and rose. She also has her box of Rosehip Tea.

The Tea Party itself starts on the Friday 23rd March at 4pm (US time - I think it is about 8am Saturday for those of us in Australia) and goes for the whole weekend :)

I'm going back to sewing now as I have another 5 bears to finish :)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Back again ..... again

I'm back again.... again :) 

Sorry, it has been a while but I have been busy sewing for the Teddy Bears Tea Party. The preview bear is all finished now. I just have to take her photo and post it at the site.

The preview opens  for voting on the ninth of March (US time) and can be accessed by clicking the link on the sidebar. 

I am really happy with how she turned out and I can't wait to see everybody elses' bears :)

This is my table at the Lawnton show a couple of weekends ago.It is mainly a doll show with a few bears mixed in.

 I had a nice time and while it was not the busiest trading day I have ever had, it was still a fun day.  Mum came too and gave me the opportunity to sneak away for a few moments to snap a couple of photos.


 This is the view across from my table this year.

The lovely ladies from Nic Nak Bears.  They had the most gorgeous old fashioned blocks. I especially liked some Beatrix Potter style small blocks - next time they are coming home with me as I have been kicking myself for not grabbing some !!
Michelle from Billy T Bears with her lovely bears.

I was also lucky enough to win Bear of Show with my entry so that also made my day :)  I will post a photo of her next time.

Back soon :)