Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tea party .....

Hi again..... look 3 posts in a couple of days :)

The Teddy Bears tea Party at  has been going really well with lots of bears from lots of artists finding new homes. It still has another 15 or so hours to run and there are still some cute ones left :)
I still have a few available  too, including Peppermint

Orange Pekoe

and Matilda

Don't forget that there is a booklet of everybodies  favourite Tea Time Treats to download after the show has ended.

I put my receipe for Creamy Peppermints in, which I remember Mum making. Whenever I have taken them anywhere, there are never any left to bring home :)


  1. Matilda has such a beautiful face, but all your bears do, such stunning faces!
    Certainly was a great show, hope you enjoyed the show too. I've downloaded the recipe booklet and noticed the creamy peppermints recipe of yours, I think myself and the bears might give it a go - we quite like cooking!


  2. Hey Gabriele, Thanks for your lovely comments :) I had a great time looking at all the bears... so many clever bear artists with so many differnt ideas !! The creamy peppermints are soooo good especially the dipped in chocolate version. Look out for the bears, they will be very tempted to eat them before they set LOL Stephanie.