Saturday, 24 March 2012

Open Now ....

It's On Now

The Teddy Bears Tea Party is open now and there are a huge amount of bears to choose from.  Just click on my side bar link or any of the links in previous posts and you will be able to have a look :)

Some of my bears included are  Rosehip

Earl Grey


and Honey Lemon

There are 6 others of mine as well as the other 89 artists lovely assortments of bears.

Also, a lot of the artists have provided a receipe for their favourite tea time treat ~ they are visible now at the bottom of each artists page and will also be available for FREE download as a recipe book after the show is over so don't forget to check back and download your copy :)

Hope to see you at the show !!

1 comment:

  1. oh there are so sweet, Peppermint the green one is my absolut favorit. I love it then i love the color green absolutly

    greats from sylvia, mäsywi-bären