Saturday, 23 November 2013

I've been busy sewing felt flowers and Christmas Trees and money bottle bears and crocheting snowflakes for a craft fair coming up next weekend but I thought I would pop in for a quick post to tell you that I have just listed Cringle on Bear Pile -

If you would like to see some more pics or read his details please click HERE  :)
Back to sewing.........

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Work room and BonBon.......


Finally here are some photos of my long awaited Workroom.
I absolutely love having a room all of my own, where I can leave stuff all over the table to come back to later if I want to and everything is within easy reach and organised !!

 Well, organised but maybe not neat lol.

 This room is on our front verandah so it is long and narrow. But it fits most of my stuff and a work table and a wardrobe full of mohair :) and is full of light and breeze. It's hard work to come out and clean the rest of the house because I really enjoy the time in "MY" room ..... lol

The Teddies Worldwide Christmas Treasures Online Show is closed now. I had a great show and "met" lots of new collectors. Thank you to those collectors that adopted Bears and Bunnies !!!

The bears and bunnies that haven't fond new homes yet will be appearing on Bear Pile in the near future :)

Bonbon has just been listed and you can see her listing here

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Christmas Treasures is open..


The Christmas Treasures Online Show is now open.......
I have been looking at all the gorgeous bears, from 75 artists worldwide, all morning :)
4 of my bears and bunnies have found homes so far (thank you so much to those lovely  collectors !!!!) but 6 are still available (as at 6pm Fri night US time)

To see all the gorgeous bears from all the different artists please click HERE
The show is open all weekend :)

Monday, 4 November 2013

Show's Open.....

The Teddies Worldwide Christmas Show preview is open now....

My preview bear this year is Tinsel.
If you have a chance, look at all the lovely bears HERE and vote for your favourites.....

Thursday, 31 October 2013

A not so little visitor......


I didn't get back with my bear room photos .... sorry.  As I was editing and reducing the photos, I realised that every photo I had taken contained some of my Christmas Treats Online Show bears which have to remain secret until the day of the show. 

I am finishing up the last couple of bears now and then I will take some more photos lol.

I uploaded my photo of my preview bear today and I think the photos are open for voting in the next 24 hours or so :)

As well as playing with the bears, I took some photos of one of our not so little visitors .....

I'm not sure what sort of lizard he is - some sort of large skink I think, but he is quite large and rather heavy and he has a pink tongue. He lives up under a piece of cladding at the front of the house and he crawls down onto the top step everyday.
I love seeing him there but he is driving our dog slowly mad as she thinks he a snake every time she smells him.
You can see how big he is in the next photo as he is  longer than the top step is wide.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Hi, I have been gone for a while .... a lot longer than I thought actually....
but now I am back again :)

I have been having a busy time most of which has been wonderful.

Since I blogged last, I have been to two "in Person" shows, re arranged the whole house, acquired a "bear room " (YAY !!) and a pantry cupboard (also YAY !! as I have always wanted one) bought my dream camera (partly a birthday present) and had a felting class in Sydney with a group of wonderful ladies.

I have photos to show you (not on my computer yet though) and I will post about these in the next couple of posts.

Before I do that though I thought I would show you my new bear that has just gone onto  Bear Pile.

This is "Petal". You can find all of her details HERE if you would like to see anymore photos :)

I will be back tomorrow to show you my new Bear room .........

Friday, 16 August 2013

Up Coming Shows..........

Hi again,
Sorry it has been so long between posts.... I have been sewing :)

I have been accepted for the Teddies Worldwide Christmas Treasures Show.

This time, instead of being in a dash to finish, I decided I would get all my bears done early :)  I have been madly sewing and now I have 10 sewn bears/animals all ready to stuff. I hate the fact I have nothing to show you but hopefully it will be a lovely surprise on the 15th of November.
Now they are sewn, I hope I will have things to show again soon !
As well as the online show, I am attending 2 "in the fur" shows.
The first is The Brisbane Teddy Bear Fair this weekend (Sunday 18th Aug) in the Auditorium at Botanical Gardens, Mt Cootha Rd Toowong.
Details are available HERE
The second one is the Brisbane Doll Society Annual Doll and Bear Fair at Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre, 241 Tingal Road,Wynnum
This one is on Saturday 24th of August.
I'm going back to try to finish a new bear for Sunday :)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Bears and things........

I have been working on some new bears this week.

I have a new fluffy bunny in a lovely Schulte synthetic and Alpaca.
A Panda in Hembold Kid
 and a brown kid mohair bear....
 As a change from Bear making I have been teaching myself to Crochet for the last 8 months. I have been having a great time with it and I have made shawls and gloves and a hooded scarf and at the moment I am making Angus a blanket from a lovely ripple pattern.

The best bit, is if you make a mistake or something you don't really like you can just rip it all back to being a ball of wool again :)  ..........


Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Clover is up for adoption....


She can be found by clicking HERE to go straight to her Bear Pile listing :)

I am just about to cut out a rabbit - I love the planning/cutting stage.... so many possibilities.
I hope everyone has a lovely week :)

Friday, 28 June 2013

Winter Wonderland.....

Well, Winter Wonderland is over for another year.

It was a great show this year. There were lots of visitors through the hall, with many people leaving with another doll or bear to add to their collection from a variety of doll and bear artists.
Here is my stand this year...

I also entered the Professional Bear Category in the Bear competition and was lucky enough to win the trophy for Best Professional with this dark brown bear

This brown bear was supposed to be on my table for adoption but she ended up stepping in as my competition entry when the bear I actually made specially for the competition (Jasmine) was too big to fit into the postage satchel to travel to the competition.
Luckily, Jasmine was adopted by a lovely collector so it all worked out :)
Also don't forget that the Teddies Worldwide show is on this weekend - I'm not in it this time so I am looking forward to it in a much more "relaxed" way than normal LOL.........

Friday, 14 June 2013

Winter Wonderland This Weekend.....

Winter Wonderland is on this weekend in Brisbane .... yay.

All the bears in my last post are finally finished and ready for tomorrow.
Here are some quick preview pics and then I am off to Brisbane.

If anyone is in Brisbane tomorrow, do stop by and say hello, I'd love to have a chat :) 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Work In Progress......

Over the past few weeks I have been busy behind the scenes. I always mean to make one bear at a time from beginning to end but when I get the urge to start something else, I usually give in before the inspiration goes away :) and .... if you have all the stuff out to dye one... you may as well dye lots LOL

I've had a good time dyeing some mohair and alpaca.

The first one I dyed was a lovely Hembold Alpaca in a Wisteria sort of purple blue combined with white kid mohair.
The second is the same Alpaca in a pink/Fuschia colour also with a white kid.
Both this pink and the Wisteria blue are going to be pj bears- white with a colour body/arms/legs so they look like they are wearing a "onesie"
This next is a really dense Schulte Mohair that I dyed a super hot pink. She is going to be an all over pink bear with white kid mohair paw pads.
This is a bear with a double jointed neck. She is made in a gorgeous Kid mohair in a milk choc colour. So far I have felted 3 paws (still working on a fourth:) and her face. I still have to felt her a nose yet.
Next is a similar bear to the last but I have only got as far as stitching at the moment - stuffing is coming !!
Last but not least is the first bear I have made using long pile Japanese silk - I am loving how soft the pile is with a really firm backing. I am not sure what I will do with this one yet, I think I will scissor sculpt the face with a traditional stitched nose but the urge to felt may grab me lol.
I'll be back with some more progress later on in the week :) 


Monday, 29 April 2013

Rory The Lion.....

This is Rory.

Rory was a custom order for a lovely lady I met at the Sydney Teddy Bear Fair back in March. 
Rory is an open mouth design made in a Schulte dense pile mohair with a long mohair mane and tail tip. He has a needle felted face and paw/finger pads and nose. His little beard is alpaca which has been felted in strand by strand. He also has claws and whiskers.


Rory was a joy to make and Janine you were pleasure to work with !!
After Rory, I have been in a frenzy of dyeing  alpaca in a blue/purple/wisteria colour and a hot pink/fuchsia ( spelling ?? I had to look up how to spell this word and even Google seems to have two versions)  
I have also dyed some long dense Schulte in a bright pink.
All the colours have been cut out as PJ bears and I have cut and sewn two natural coloured double neck bears and cut and sewn a white bear in the most gorgeous white long Japanese silk.
I have never used the Japanese silk before and it is totally gorgeous !!! so long and soft.....
I haven't got photos yet but if it's a nice sunny day tomorrow I'll be back to show you :)

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Pink Bear .....

This is Pink Bear.
Pink was a commission order from a lovely lady who wanted a pink, fluffy bear :)
Pink is made of hand dyed thick Schulte mohair with a needle felted face and pulled toes.

I really enjoyed dyeing the mohair and needle felting the face ....and pulling the toes. In fact, this was one of those bears that was a joy to make, one of those where everything just flows together :)

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and the Easter Bunny was kind and brought lots of chocolate :)