Thursday, 31 October 2013

A not so little visitor......


I didn't get back with my bear room photos .... sorry.  As I was editing and reducing the photos, I realised that every photo I had taken contained some of my Christmas Treats Online Show bears which have to remain secret until the day of the show. 

I am finishing up the last couple of bears now and then I will take some more photos lol.

I uploaded my photo of my preview bear today and I think the photos are open for voting in the next 24 hours or so :)

As well as playing with the bears, I took some photos of one of our not so little visitors .....

I'm not sure what sort of lizard he is - some sort of large skink I think, but he is quite large and rather heavy and he has a pink tongue. He lives up under a piece of cladding at the front of the house and he crawls down onto the top step everyday.
I love seeing him there but he is driving our dog slowly mad as she thinks he a snake every time she smells him.
You can see how big he is in the next photo as he is  longer than the top step is wide.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Hi, I have been gone for a while .... a lot longer than I thought actually....
but now I am back again :)

I have been having a busy time most of which has been wonderful.

Since I blogged last, I have been to two "in Person" shows, re arranged the whole house, acquired a "bear room " (YAY !!) and a pantry cupboard (also YAY !! as I have always wanted one) bought my dream camera (partly a birthday present) and had a felting class in Sydney with a group of wonderful ladies.

I have photos to show you (not on my computer yet though) and I will post about these in the next couple of posts.

Before I do that though I thought I would show you my new bear that has just gone onto  Bear Pile.

This is "Petal". You can find all of her details HERE if you would like to see anymore photos :)

I will be back tomorrow to show you my new Bear room .........