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Hi, my name is Stephanie and I design and handstitch bears in Burringbar NSW.

I made my first bear in about 1995 using a pattern from Better Homes and Gardens and some black synthetic from a craft shop. This one still lives with my Grandmother. I made some more using synthetic and then bears went on the backburner to be replaced with quilting, decoupage and candlewicking.
Mid 2007 , I decided to have another go at bear making and after a few synthetic bears, I thought I would try some mohair. That was a complete revelation and I decided I had to make more using all the different mohair I could find – not knowing how many types were available.

Then I found out about needle felting and I tried making a small completely needle felted bear but I didn’t really enjoy it so I tried using the left over wool on a bears face and feet, which I loved.
Most of my bears use some sort of face/nose/feet needle felting combination
My bears are made in mohair and alpaca with the occasional bear in woven back plush. I love to use long thick mohair most of all. I also like to hand paint eyes and add details such as claws, eyewhites and eyelids.

I recently discovered hand dyeing and I now have alot of very brightly colour bears just waiting to be made.

When I'm not making bears, I am mother to 3 boys (2 are men really I suppose) and various animals and wife to Rob. I am also trying to teach myself to knit and crochet and I have decided to take drawing classes :)

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