Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Work In Progress......

Over the past few weeks I have been busy behind the scenes. I always mean to make one bear at a time from beginning to end but when I get the urge to start something else, I usually give in before the inspiration goes away :) and .... if you have all the stuff out to dye one... you may as well dye lots LOL

I've had a good time dyeing some mohair and alpaca.

The first one I dyed was a lovely Hembold Alpaca in a Wisteria sort of purple blue combined with white kid mohair.
The second is the same Alpaca in a pink/Fuschia colour also with a white kid.
Both this pink and the Wisteria blue are going to be pj bears- white with a colour body/arms/legs so they look like they are wearing a "onesie"
This next is a really dense Schulte Mohair that I dyed a super hot pink. She is going to be an all over pink bear with white kid mohair paw pads.
This is a bear with a double jointed neck. She is made in a gorgeous Kid mohair in a milk choc colour. So far I have felted 3 paws (still working on a fourth:) and her face. I still have to felt her a nose yet.
Next is a similar bear to the last but I have only got as far as stitching at the moment - stuffing is coming !!
Last but not least is the first bear I have made using long pile Japanese silk - I am loving how soft the pile is with a really firm backing. I am not sure what I will do with this one yet, I think I will scissor sculpt the face with a traditional stitched nose but the urge to felt may grab me lol.
I'll be back with some more progress later on in the week :) 



  1. so viele tolle Einzelstücke, man kann schon sehr gut erkennen was für Prachtburschen da entstehen werden. Grosses Lob

    Liebe Grüsse von Sylvia

  2. Thanks so much Sylvia. I just have to make sure I finish them before I start anything else :)