Monday, 29 April 2013

Rory The Lion.....

This is Rory.

Rory was a custom order for a lovely lady I met at the Sydney Teddy Bear Fair back in March. 
Rory is an open mouth design made in a Schulte dense pile mohair with a long mohair mane and tail tip. He has a needle felted face and paw/finger pads and nose. His little beard is alpaca which has been felted in strand by strand. He also has claws and whiskers.


Rory was a joy to make and Janine you were pleasure to work with !!
After Rory, I have been in a frenzy of dyeing  alpaca in a blue/purple/wisteria colour and a hot pink/fuchsia ( spelling ?? I had to look up how to spell this word and even Google seems to have two versions)  
I have also dyed some long dense Schulte in a bright pink.
All the colours have been cut out as PJ bears and I have cut and sewn two natural coloured double neck bears and cut and sewn a white bear in the most gorgeous white long Japanese silk.
I have never used the Japanese silk before and it is totally gorgeous !!! so long and soft.....
I haven't got photos yet but if it's a nice sunny day tomorrow I'll be back to show you :)

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