Friday, 6 April 2012

Tea Party, Pincushion, Ferret and Friends....

Hi, yes ... it's been a little while :)
This is a "bits and pieces" post - a little info about a few different things 

Tea Party 

The Teddy Bears Tea Party wrapped up. Final stats included over 5000  individual visitors  and over 300 bears finding new homes.  I had a great time  and I'd like to thank  everyone that came for a look at the bears  and especially the lovely people tht chose to take one home :) 

I have a couple of bears still waiting for  their new home  - Emma is on Bear Pile already and Lipton will be joining her as soon as I have five spare minutes.


About ten days ago, I went to a pincushion class at Craft Haven. We sewed a mushroom and then made little faces/bums to go inside gumnuts and fur and then hot glue gunned everything all together. We all had a ball and here is my pin cushion - the stem has garnet inside to sharpen your needles and the top is a pincushion.


 We have a cute little ferret called Nog. As Crash (our big dog with a bad leg) couldn't go outside, we had to confine Nog to running in the one room. As Crash isn't with us anymore, we put the other dogs outside and let Nog have the run of the whole house. Both Nog and Angus enjoyed it !!!

 and Friends....

Last but not least, I have been accepted into the Friends of Teddy On Line Show to be held between the 13th and 15th of July. This show will feature the Teddy Bears "Friends " ie:  dogs,cats, rabbits, dragons and lions :) and also some bears as well.

 Please click on the link on the sidebar to visit the website for more info :)
Back again soon ....... no really !!

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