Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Here I am again as promised yesterday :) 

I have been looking at the photos I took and I don't think any of them are very good !!   It has been a dark miserable rainy day here today and all my preview photos are either way too dark or way too light.... so I think I will try again tomorrow.

Normally I use a light tent and daylight bulbs to take photos, but I had to pack everything up last week as our oldest son Dan came home from Uni and needed his room back lol.   After wrestling the light tent back into its' tiny little bag ( would it kill them to give us a bigger bag !), I was a bit reluctant to set it free again.

Unfortunately, the photos were not good so this time I will do it properly and get out the light tent and the lights :) 

Here is one photo anyway and I'll be back tomorrow .....

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  1. What a beautiful bear, her face is so sweet ;o)

    Big Hugs