Sunday, 19 February 2012

I'm Back .....

Sorry, it's been a bit of a long gap between posts :)  

 I have been sewing for the Lawnton Doll and Bear Show which is on tomorrow in Lawnton, Brisbane and also for the Teddy Bears Tea Party which is getting closer by the day.

I have a trading table there so I thought I would fill it lol....

This girl is coming with me - she is made from a lovely Kurl mohair in "Sunshine" yellow, she has a felted face and paws and hand painted blue eyes. She is wearing a gorgeous vintage cotton and lace Christening dress from around 1890.

This is Griz again from a previous post ..... now he has a knitted hat - made from a gorgeous thick and thin wool from a corriedale sheep.  I'm still not all that great at knitting but I am really enjoying making little things for the bears.  It's nice to knit something I don't need a pattern for :)

This is a pj girl made from hand dyed mohair from a previous post ( I have to figure out how to do those little links that take you right to the previous post)  As soon as I finish this post I am going to make her a hot water bottle to take to bed ;)

Last preview for this post is this little hand dyed orange alpaca girl - she had been finished and photographed before but I just wasn't happy with her. So, this morning a got her out again and reshaded her and made her a new flower wreath and now I like her so much better  !!!

I also sent a bear up for the competition... I got a call on Wednesday from the lovely lady organising the competition to tell me that my poor bear has had four claws broken off in the mail .... AAARRGH. 
 I suspected there might be trouble when the Aust Post guy tossed my parcel into the tray - I'm going back to posting at my local PO from now on.
  I guess I will be resewing a full set of claws when I get her home as I don't have any more matching ones :(

Mum is coming to the show to help me tomorrow, so I'll be able to get away from the table and take some photos of all the tables and bears. Fingers crossed I'll be back tomorrow night to upload them all :)

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