Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Rain, rain, GO away !!!

OK, I've had enough rain now and I would really like to see the sun again.

We are on tank water (5000 gallon tank with no mains supply)  and I was worried we were going to  run out of water last weekend. We had a little rain last week which was enough to give us a bit of breathing space before we had any water brought in...... now we have had two days of heavy rain and we have an over flowing tank.

It's lovely having the extra water.... but now I am done - STOP RAINING :)

This is our front lawn which is usually just grass, no water. Though Angus was having fun out there today on his skim board across the water.

This is the view of our dam looking out one of the bedroom windows. The dam has been empty for about a month as it leaks and this time two days ago you couldn't even see the water !

Here is the driveway, normally dry for driving :) and last but not least, is looking towards the shed and that little creek you can see is a little drain hollow.

Of course, the rainy weather is wonderful for bear making. I got lots of felting done and am just about to start putting some bears together. As soon as I work out what bears are coming with me to Lawnton Show in February and which are for the Teddy Tea Party. I will post some photos.

The Teddy Tea Party Bears have to stay hidden until the preview and show dates but  I can't wait to post some photos of the Lawnton Show bears !

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