Monday, 2 January 2012

It's me.... finally

Well, finally, here I am !
It's taken me a full year of dithering but I finally have "something" on line  *grins* 
It's very strange to see a blog from this side after being a devoted follower of so many Bear Blogs for the past year, but hopefully I will manage to learn how to "Blog" successfully and manage to post a few bears along the way.

I guess the first few posts will be read mainly by friends and family...... Hi Mum and Dad .

 Just in case any of the people who have bought bears or stopped to look and chat at shows are seeing this ... hello again, and thanks to many of you for asking when will I have a  website or blog and telling me to "get on with it"

Now... I just have to work out what all these buttons do ......


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