Thursday, 12 January 2012

Shes Got Legs.......

and arms.....and more legs etc, etc, etc

The last few days I have been felting all the paws and feet for the bears from my last post and at 4 per bear, it feels like I have been poking a lot of wool with a needle :)

I have completed the feet and paws for the brown grizzly, the black bear and a new pink and white bear. Tomorrow is going to be shading and closing the stuffing openings on all those legs.

I also got most of the face of the new pink and white bear finished.

I'm really looking forward to getting these bears put together as I am dying to see what they are going to look like :)

On the knitting side, I haven't done anything.....except buy some more wool.... I have to learn to knit faster !!!

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