Saturday, 21 January 2012

Dyeing and other things :)

This week  I have been doing lots of dyeing ready to make some new bears for the Teddy Bear tea Party.
All the mohair above has been dyed with Kool Aid which smells good enough to eat.  The colours are super bright and will make some lovely vibrant bears.

The pink above is showing pastel on my computer screen but in real life it is "quite" bright :)

This mohair has been dyed with a commercial dye in shades of pink and lavender. I love the lavender and I can't wait to cut into it !!  Unfortunately it is still wet so I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow.

As well as dyeing, I have been busy felting my competition bear face and feet. He is coming along nicely but the Lawnton show is coming up quickly (19th February).  As soon as the show is over , I'll post his pics.

I have also finished the black bears and the grizzlies feet. they are felted, shaded and have claws. The faces are just about done too and I will start putting them together on Sunday.

Just as something different, we had a visitor in our orange tree, who then moved into the figs where this photo was taken.  The photo is a little dark but he is a brown tree snake and he was moving pretty quickly up the tree.  Later in the day my youngest son Angus spotted him in another tree near our back door.
We could tell he was the same snake as he had a row of bulges in his body that made him look like he had eaten big marbles, so I guess he found a nest of eggs somewhere in the trees.

It was Angus who spotted him both times and the poor kid doesn't even like snakes very much !!

Personally, I would rather snakes than spiders.......

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