Tuesday, 14 August 2012

URSA Awards Round two.....

Hi again !!
I have been a little quiet on the bear making front for the past two weeks. After a couple of "in person" shows and the Friends of Teddy on line show, I took a little time off to try to improve my knitting (7 beanies and an almost finished jumper later lol) and to try some Polymer clay sculpting. Now I am back to the bears :) 

This morning I finished a new lion (sorry, no photos yet) and I have cut out a new owl baby and a new rabbit out of some lovely white long alpaca.

I also got some great news last week.... Earl Grey has made it into the final round of the 2012 URSA Awards.
This means he has won either a first, second or third but I don't know which :)
Now it is time for the second round of voting - instead of casting a vote in every category, this time you can look at all the finalists and pick just one to vote for.
The link in the sidebar will take you straight there :)

Now I am going back to sewing, have to see if I can get some done before I get nagged  reminded about dinner ;)

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