Sunday, 29 July 2012

Last days for URSA Voting, Bear Show and Bear PIle

Hi, It is a beautiful day here today - the sun is shining, the sky is bright blue and there is not a cloud to be seen anywhere !!  It is a lovely winters day, completely different to the weather we have been having for the whole of winter this year.
It has been drizzly (or raining) and cloudy nearly every day or at least part of every day, here for the past 6 weeks and this weekend the sun has decided to shine. I am so glad, I was completely fed up of the constant gloom and I feel so much better now the sun has come out !!

There are only two (or less depending which time zone you are in ;) days left to lodge your vote for the first round of the URSA awards for this year.  There are lots of lovely animals waiting to be voted on so please stop by and vote if you have a chance  Vote Now 

Earl Grey is waiting in Category 11 Polar Bears

I had a great time at the Sunshine Coast Doll, Bear and Minatures Fair last Saturday. I met some lovely people and Bramble the fox found a new home.

I was also lucky enough to win Bear Of Show with Honey Bee.

The drive up was really nice, even if it was at the crack of dawn ;) but the drive home was VERY long - I ended up having a quick sleep in the car park of Hungry Jacks Mugeeraba as I just couldn't keep going. I was very glad to finally get home..... and yep, I did have a burger and fries before I left the car park lol.

I have also been listing some more bears/lions/rabbit on Bear Pile -

and last but not, least I have been knitting endless beanies, which has been a change from making bears :)

Now, I am going back to finish my last beanie :)

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