Sunday, 19 August 2012


This weekend, I have been busy with bears :)

I have cut out a double neck jointed bear in a lovely caramel/tipped with brown mohair and another bear in a long blonde/dark blonde tipped mohair and I am just about to cut out a cute little mouse in a long sassy and another in cream viscose.

My rabbit and owl in the white alpaca, that I cut out earlier in the week are all sewn up and ready for stuffing and I have had a photo session with some other bears to get them onto Bear Pile. 

I also took some better photos of Jonquil, who has been on Bear Pile already but the more I looked at her original photos the less I liked them. I somehow managed to make the poor girl look like a hunchback lol.

Anyway, here are some of the photos I took, The yellow girl  above is Jonquil ( in the repost section of Bear Pile), the red and white girl is Rosemary (in the just born section on Bear Pile) and BlueBerry and Happy (open mouth bear) will be there later this week  :)

I also have to remember to order some wool stuffing from Gerry's this week. The five kg I bought in April is just about gone !! My poor bears will be flat rather than fat if I don't do it soon lol.

Also, a shameless plug *blushes* .... the URSA Awards are still open for the final round of voting... please see the link in the sidebar... my entry is Earl Grey.  Only pick your favourite in this round and vote for the bear you would like to see win  :) 
Thanks to everyone who has already voted, no matter who you voted for... without people voting the awards would not exist !!!

See you next time - I should have a lion to show you then :)

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  1. Wonderful creations and so fluffy fur!! Lovely! ♥