Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Rosey, Birthday Goodies and A Shameless Plug...


Well, I didn't quite get back next day but here I am now.... better late than never ?

I have been having a week full of bear sewing and a bit of knitting :0)
I have bear bits coming out of my ears at the moment.

As a break from sewing, today I listed Rosey on Bear Pile. Rosey is 15 and a half inches of hand dyed mohair and needle felting and she is available now :)

As promised, I took some photos of my lovely birthday presents. The boar is Steiff and feels like he is stuffed with woodwool.
This is Edward Trunk - he is one of the characters from the Rupert Bear series. He is also from Steiff but is one of their modern series from 2007. This guy has the best elephant face I have seen !
Finally here is my lovely necklace...
While I had the camera out, I took a photo of some of my bear bits - I have been pulling the fur out of seams and fray stopping the stuffing openings so they don't stretch or fray.
Lastly.... it's time for the shameless plug - Please don't forget that the voting for the URSA Awards finishes on the 7th of Sept. If you haven't voted yet, please click on the link in the sidebar and choose your favourite...
See you next time ....



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