Monday, 5 November 2012

It's Me Again :) ..........

Hi everyone :0) 

Sorry, I was away a little longer than I realised.... the time has gone so quickly.
I have been sewing my bears for the Teddies Worldwide Christmas Show and the preview bears from all the participating artists are now available for viewing here 
Please vote for your favourite in each section if you can decide between them all :0)

For the show, we had to design a bear to suit the theme of a Christmas song or carol. My entry is called Mistletoe

 Mistletoe is made in a gorgeous long,dense polar mohair. I trimmed his face back to the backing and then felted his cheeks etc and then re rooted the same type of mohair back into the felted face and trimmed it to follow the felted shape. Putting the mohair back into the felting really densely makes his cheeks feel like long velvet :0) 
 He is actually an open mouth design though it is really hard to tell from this photo.
His mistletoe is handmade for Polymer clay over wire and I had a lovely afternoon making it !
I have just about finished all 10 bears for this show and I am just trying to get all the accessories finished to make each bear follow a carol or song.

I can't wait to see all the bears !!
I also got a couple of bears ready for the Bears That Care on line Show. This show raises money for Ovarian Cancer Research and the sale consists of donated bears whose sale money goes to OvCare. You can check out their website by clicking here  As well as the donated bear, each artist will have a bear or two for sale - so it is another chance to see more lovely bears :0)
Also, thank you to everyone that voted for Earl Grey in the URSA Awards. He received a third place :0)
See you next (not such a long) time .......

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