Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Happy Mothers Day and Finished Last Week ...

I hope everyone had a Happy Mothers Day yesterday where ever you are and who ever you were with.

I had a lovely quiet day, sitting on the bed (also known as my "workbench") making bears for Brisbanes Winter Wonderland. I had a whole rainbow of bears in progress including blue, pink, red, lemon, lavender, coffee and a brown an white panda.

I saw my Mum on Saturday when my family came for a visit.

I was having awful trouble finding the "right" present while shopping for Mothers Day and then I remembered that Mum said she quite liked an Owl pattern at a Bear show.

Unluckily for me, I had waited until Wednesday to go shopping and Mum, Dad and Grandmama were visiting on Saturday and I didn't have an Owl pattern. So I spent Thursday designing and sewing up the owl and then Friday sewing and stuffing. After a minor setback with the eyes I had chosen breaking off the wire, it all went quite well and I had a great time making a Fimo beak. The first one looked like a budgie beak, so we consulted Google images and found some pictures (thank goodness). Then by Saturday morning I just had to stuff him into the bag :)

Anyway here he is -

He is made in a lovely Tissavel Chinchilla Fur that I really enjoyed using  :)

Also finished last week, were 2 pink bears so with no long story ;) Here they are

Fingers crossed, there will be a few more completions this week so I can get moving on the Teddies Friends Show Animals :)

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